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972 viewsEcheveria harmsii
Cotyledon tomentosa subsp. ladismithiensis474 views
Crassula Springtime flowers 11 May 2013.JPG
Crassula "Springtime"579 viewsRod Smith

May 2013

Canon EOS 40D with Tamron 17-50mm lens
f14 ½ sec IS0 100
Crassula barklyi778 viewsVictoria

Camera: Panasonic NV-GS200, Exposure 1/125, F/1.8

Date: 11.11.2006

Crassula fragarioides n.n.1027 views
fragarioides flower11.JPG
Crassula fragarioides n.n.792 views
fragarioides 5cm pot.JPG
Crassula fragarioides n.n.990 views
Crassula marchandii Friedrich887 viewsALP

Camera: Fujifilm FinePix F11, Exposure 1/320, F/4.5, ISO speed 80, Focal length 8mm

Date: 04.06.2006

Crassula mesembryanthemopsis cv 'Celia'939 viewsPJH

Camera: Panasonic DMC-FX5, Exposure 1/25, F/2.8, ISO speed 200, Focal length 5.8mm

Date: 06.01.2008

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