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Copiapoa ahremephiana.JPG
Copiapoa ahremephiana1534 viewsCopiapoa ahremephiana grown from habitat seed - Botija Valley.
Copiapoa ahremephiana855 viewsSuleyman

Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9600, Exposure 1/120, F/6.4, ISO speed 400, Focal length 6.2mm

Date: 31.08.2008

Copiapoa atacamensis (Cerro Moreno).JPG
Copiapoa atacamensis1223 viewsCopiapoa atacamensis grown from habitat seed - Cerro Moreno
Copiapoa atacamensis (La Chimba).JPG
Copiapoa atacamensis1079 viewsCopiapoa atacamensis grown from habitat seed - La Chimba
Copiapoa atacamensis.JPG
Copiapoa atacamensis662 viewsCopiapoa atacamensis grown from habitat seed, Botija Valley.
Copiapoa (Morro Moreno).jpg
Copiapoa atacamensis675 viewsCopiapoa atacamensis grown from habitat seed
collected at the top of Morro Moreno, Antofagasta.
Copiapoa barquitensis849 viewsPurlins

Camera: Fujifilm FinePix4700 ZOOM, F/2.8, ISO speed 200, Focal length 13.5mm

Date: 15.06.2003

Copiapoa bridgesii.JPG
Copiapoa bridgesii675 viewsCopiapoa bridgesii grown from habitat seed, 6km North of Chanaral.
calderana (small).JPG
Copiapoa calderana 964 viewsCopiapoa calderana grown from habitat seed - 30km North of Caldera
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