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Cactaceae Systematics Initiatives

Postby Phil_SK » Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:45 am

Since its inception in October 1996, Cactaceae Systematics Initiatives (or Cactaceae Consensus Initiatives as the early editions were known) has been available to subscribers from its publisher, David Hunt. Early editions allowed new combinations to be published ahead of the publication of the New Cactus Lexicon, so avoiding cluttering up the book with these. In the decade plus since the NCL was published, they have continued erratically, with further combinations, 'thinking out loud' pieces on certain genera and, more recently, drafts of the text for a proposed NCL2.
In the editorial to CSI 36 back in May, David announced that he was not planning to publish further printed issues, and that subsequent editions would be produced as pdf only and distributed to former subscribers. I received CSI 37 yesterday by email and asked David how he felt about making these pdf versions more widely available. In his response he has said that "For the moment the pdf versions of CSI 36 and 37 onwards are intended for subscribers to previous CSI issues only, in hopes of feedback to improve my draft NCL2.1 texts rather than aiming at wider circulation. However, by all means mention on the Forum that CSI 37 and is available from me. You might like to add that I will provide a pdf of any other updated genus to anyone interested and willing to contribute constructive comments etc! New contacts will however be asked to provide a postal address as well as their name and email address."
You can find contact details for David at Contents for CSI 37 are:
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