What Happened? Crass. Tetragona

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What Happened? Crass. Tetragona

Post by Rich45s » Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:42 pm


From my limited posts on here you may see I’ve had a few mishaps with Crassula Tetragonas despite it being my current favourite (and reading about it on the internet saying it’s easy to grow, less prone to pests etc isn’t helping my mood knowing that I’ve killed a few in a variety of different and imaginative ways!)

I got two similar sized well rooted small plants 6 weeks or so ago. Both went into same sized pots and treated roughly the same as far as watering etc. Only difference was one went on west facing window ledge and is growing great guns.

The other went in front of south facing front door with not frosted glass in but ‘bobbly’ privacy type glass in top half of door. This is the one that’s had a problem which has seemingly happened in just a couple of days.

Plant symptoms & how it looked before attempting to fix are very similar to this thread

https://www.houzz.com/discussions/18270 ... -tetragona

So I’m assuming it is pest related but I can’t find my jewellers magnifying glass to confirm. They certainly aren’t visible to the naked eye

Most lower leaves went pale & semi translucent with splotchy patches of red. And the half moon ‘bit’ that attaches the leaves to trunk were very red. They barely needed touching to fall off.

Trunks all seem fine just very bare now and new growth of trunk and new leaves on top all seem fine.

- Drenched tidied up plant in rubbing alcohol.

- Repotted, roots look fine.

- Sprayed some ‘ready to use’ Resolva pest killer into
soil. - Do ‘ready to use’ insecticides (which I’d rather not use long term if possible but needs must in this case) then need ‘flushing’ through soil with water?

- Once plant had dried from rubbing alcohol I soaked it with SB Plant Invigorator from a spray bottle

So this rather long post is really just asking for confirmation it is pest related and not the sun being magnified through glass and damaging that way, perhaps from water getting onto leaves - Maybe that’s silly thinking.

My thoughts on cause in order are:

- Pest
- Too much sun / sun burn
- Too little sun - only half door is glass so area gets lot of direct sun but I’d say my west facing plants get longer but less intense light. - Until I move and get myself a greenhouse, this is what I’m working with.

If plant survives and I suspect it will, ironically it will have more of the look I want from it but I’d rather be forewarned and able to deal with issue and prune to get the look I want, not nearly kill the plant to get it looking like I want it to.

Second pic is of the far less damaged lower leaves, which still look green & healthy but fell off as easily as others. So with my love of thrift, I’m wondering if these are safe enough to try and propogate or should I just dump them too, to limit whatever pest it is.

If you’ve made it this far thank you, and thank you for any advice.

Def. a problem that started at my end rather than plant coming like this as well!


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