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September Journal Delays

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2018 8:00 pm
by David_K
As some will already be aware we have had a problem with the distribution of the September Journal. This was not a fault of either BCSS officers or of the mailing house but due to a technical problem which no-one could have foreseen. A large number of our members were missed form the mailing file and unfortunately their copies were sent to ex-members who should not have received them. There were also a number sent to members at their old address if they had moved.
In order to correct this we are having to have a substantial number of Journals additionally printed and mailed by the printing/mailing house, this is having to be fitted in with their existing schedule and they are doing what they can to help us.
As a result the members who have not yet received their Journals should expect to receive them Monday/Tuesday October 8th / 9th.
We very much apologise to anyone affected and in particular anyone who has received a copy addressed to a deceased relative. We now know what to look out for and it will not happen again. To my knowledge nothing similar has happened in the last 30 years so we have a previously very good track record to regain.