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Posting photos on the forum

Post by Phil_SK » Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:24 am

Photo selection
Most photos can be uploaded provided the file is no larger than 250 kB. (Files need to be .jpg .png or .gif files, with alphanumeric names with no symbols - ? % / - or spaces, although the underscore is acceptable, so things like img_25.jpg would be OK)

You can check the file size either by hovering your cursor over the file, which sometimes/should pop up a little box (shown here, below) or right-clicking and looking in properties.
filesizecheck.jpg (42.27 KiB) Viewed 1347 times
As you can see, that IMG_9308.JPG is far too big!

Reducing file size to less than 250 kB
There are so many ways to do this that it's difficult to give specific advice. Quite often, the software that came with your camera may include the ability to do this.

If you have the Microsoft Office suite then Microsoft Office Picture Manager can do the job.

There are websites that can do the shrinking online or there are free pieces of software that you can legally download - IrfanView and JPEG Resampler are two that you could try.

For those using Apple Macs, the simplest way to resize a picture for posting is to use the provided Preview application, as follows:
Open your picture in Preview and choose Tools -> Adjust Size, and select the new size in pixels, using "Fit Into". 640 x 480 is probably a good size for forum postings. Click OK.
Choose File -> Save as and give the File a new name (to avoid overwriting the original).
Choose JPEG in the pop-up menu which lets you choose the format.
You can now adjust the slider underneath that to chose the image quality. Adjust it to bring the file down to below the required 250k file size (if necessary).
Click Save.

Photos uploaded to picture sharing websites (Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, facebook) may shrink photos automatically when uploaded. When saved from these sites, photos should be reduced in file size.

Posting your picture within a message
As you compose a message, you will need to scroll down, past the box where you can write something, to the grey-green 'options' bit. Click on the greyed out 'upload attachment' tab next to 'options'.
which should give you a 'Browse...' button, among other things.
browsetofile.JPG (18.09 KiB) Viewed 1346 times
Click 'Browse...', then find your picture, wherever you've stored it on your computer, click 'open' then click the 'add the file' button. The screen will refresh and this time when you scroll down to under the text entry box you'll see the filename of your photo. This is the point where a file which is too large will be rejected.
Click the point in your message where you would like the photo to appear. Click on the 'place inline' button which will put a bit of code into the main message body where you indicated. Want another photo? If you keep scrolling down you'll get to the 'upload attachment' tab again, allowing you to repeat the above to add a second photo. Somewhat confusingly, the second photo you upload will be top of the list when you you go to click 'place inline'.

Make sure you do click the 'place inline' otherwise you will have no control over where the image ends up and your image will have a distracting box around it.

Posting images hosted elsewhere
If you have files on your own website or in a photo sharing account (flickr, photobucket) you can link to them there. However, please bear in mind that this causes problems if you move the images, delete the account or if the service provider closes down - the pictures you posted will no longer be visible which can render your post quite meaningless.

Most of these sites will generate code for you to post into the forum. For example, in photobucket there is the option to select images (with a tick) and then use (right at the bottom of the page) 'choose action' then 'generate link codes for selected' and then copying one of the 'IMG for bulletin boards & forums' options into your post.
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