Haworthia summer dormancy

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Haworthia summer dormancy

Post by LuzNegra » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:57 pm

This is the first summer my Haworthias are going through, and I have some questions regarding summer dormancy. Maybe some of you could help.

1) Do they always go through dormancy in summer or does this depend on day/night temperatures?
2) In the latter case, what is the key issue: maximum temperature, or the temperature difference between day and night?
3) How do you notice dormancy? I guess the plant just stops to grow... But is there another sure sign to look out for?
4) If the plant does not enter dormancy by itself, is it necessary to induce this dormancy artificially for the plant to grow healthy?

I have my plants indoors with mostly artificial light, so the maximum temperatures they endured are 30-31°C during the day, and like 5°C less at night. Would it be possible in these conditions for them to enter dormancy?
Until now, in spite of the heat, my plants have not stopped growing, sprouting new leaves and putting out some flower stalks, but I’m worried that I miss something and water them when I shouldn’t. :???:

Best regards and thanks for reading,
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