April 2020 - something bicolour

May 2017 - May Blossom
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Re: April 2020 - something bicolour

Post by MikeT » Sat May 02, 2020 11:05 am

As usual, lots of desirable plants. Ed certainly has quite a few, and though I have several Echeverias and Aeoniums, he seemed to be tempting me with several that I don’t (yet) have. Jane’s Aeonium ‘Velour’ was disqualified :sad: because it looks far too good compared to mine, which looks a mess after the winter, and needs starting off again from cuttings. I could go through and make positive comments about all (started with ‘almost’, then decided that ‘all’ was more accurate) the plants.

As the judge, I set my own judging criteria: in looking for a winner, I’m looking for the image that most impresses me overall, not necessarily the plant that I’d most like to have donated (though open to offers…).

I ended with a shortlist of four:
The first of Jim’s several eye catching Thelocactus bicolor photos, showing beautifully the 2 coloured flower which gives the plant its name.
El tel’s Aloe flower, despite his ‘tricolor’query, and his Matucana flower; both impressed for crispness of focus and for lighting effect.
Eve’s Adromischus, capturing the leaf colouring. With a different background, this may well have made first place.

It wasn’t easy deciding between them, but in the end, I’ve gone for Jim’s Thelocactus bicolor as this month’s winner. So over to you, Jim, for the May competition.
Mike T

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