New polytunnel

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Re: New polytunnel

Post by Bob 3 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 5:41 pm

Hi Colin
Please put me on your customers list.
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Re: New polytunnel

Post by Lyn » Mon Feb 05, 2018 3:55 pm

Your plants and Polytunnel are AMAZING :-D
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Re: New polytunnel

Post by Conrad » Sat Jun 02, 2018 6:44 pm

Time for a very long overdue update, life has been rather busy with a new job etc., but the cacti are still growing away apace, and I'm still spending a lot of time repotting!

The business idea will happen, and now I've got a little more time, it shouldn't be too long before I have a website up and running. A lot of plants are actually ready for sale, and I'm already selling a few when people ask for them, but currently have no shopfront!

In the meantime, here's how things are looking:

One bench:
The other:
Some 2yr old Ortegocactus, about to flower for the first time!
Pelecyphoras, with a Cintia in the background. My cintias flowered abundantly this year, and I think I will have alot of seed.
Pelecyphora and cintia
Mediolobivia pectinata AVF64. Lots of medios at saleable size now, second year flowering for most of them.
Medio Pectinata
A nice little Epi micromeris, lots of these at good saleable size now.
Epi micro
Rebutia fusca. Really intense flower tones. About 200 of these at 6cm pot size.
Gymno stellatum obductum PEM50. The cryptic brown Gymnocalyciums remain my absolute favourites.
More Gymno. obductum, Coryphantha echinoidea at the bottom.
Various Turbinicarpus klinkerianus, Turb. panarotoi, Turb polaskii, Gmno. bruchii, and a Sulco which I forget.
Astro myriostigma nudum, and more Rebutia fusca
Turb. valdezianus. Slow, but has done surprisingly well in the big trays, only lost five or so from probably 100 or so plants spread over a couple of trays.
Loph. williamsii. I have many hundreds of these at various stages of growth. Also lots of kohresii. An interesting variegated one in the photo.
Gymno obductum LF82
Acantholobivia plominiana. Got lots of these, looking forward to the stunning flowers.
Gymno. prochazkianum.
Sulco arenacea HS30.
Blossfeldia and Strombocactus. These Strombos growing unusually slowly.
Those Mamm bocasana from page 1 - grow like stink!
The tunnel in all its' glory! Need to get up a ladder and trim the trees back a little mind.......
Next is a new 8m by 1.5m bench to run all the way down the middle, I'm putting off a lot of repotting because I'm running out of room at the moment. I'll build it in a couple of weeks time.

Until next time...........
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Re: New polytunnel

Post by MaciejW » Tue Jun 05, 2018 8:38 pm

Looking great! (tu) (tu) (tu)
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Re: New polytunnel

Post by dalesmatt » Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:34 am

Well done with all you have achieved Conrad, it looks really great. Look forward to seeing more in due time. (tu)
Kind regards
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Re: New polytunnel

Post by Cidermanrolls » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:19 pm

Looking very good Conrad.
Your shop front doesn't have to be too special to attract buyers. Three different and very good examples to look at are:
Ralph Martin's list accessible from this board. A very neat solution.
"Plantlifecactus" on eBay. A weekly auction listing of about 100 to 150 plants. Often most plants are the same species as previous weeks, but almost always a few new ones. Good photos and interesting descriptions.
"Solentguy", also on eBay but a more static "buy it now" style listing. Often some hard to find plants.
These are just examples, there are several other very good ones you could gain inspiration from.
One interesting trick, used by "cactuslover" in Poland is to offer "buy 10 get one free". He allows the buyer to delay payment to build up a reasonable order size and several times I've benefitted from this offer. He doesn't tell you what the freebie will be so it could be common as muck, but the offer is always appealing....and sometimes it's been a really nice surprise.
Good luck and let us know when your sales start, I'm already in the queue for a few plants in the photos....
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Keith H
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Re: New polytunnel

Post by Keith H » Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:28 pm

Hi Conrad, the poly tunnel and your plants are looking great. It is really good to see the update, good luck launching the web site. Have you considered selling at one or more of the cactus marts or perhaps a branch or regional show?
Regards Keith.

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Re: New polytunnel

Post by Conrad » Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:29 am

Thanks for the replies folks, useful suggestions.

Re: Shopfront - I've got a website very nearly ready to go live, built by my ingenious better half. I'm hoping I can do everything through my own website, but may also go the ebay route depending on how things go - it does seem to work well, as Ciderman suggested.

I have thought about selling at branch shows etc. and may do this in the future - but I'll largely be online at least at first, basically because my 'real' job and other commitments take up too much of my time. Because of this I'll only have one posting day each week, but hopefully if this is made clear from the off then nobody should mind.

Really nice to hear some of you guys are in the queue! Gives me a bit of impetus to fire up the website.

A few more photos from the last two very hot days in the tunnel:

My position for the day - umbrella essential!
Freshly repotted Lobivia haematantha albolantata, these guys are about 80% root.
Gymno prochazkianum coming into flower for the 1st time.
E. pectinatus castaneus
Some superkabutos. I have about 50 of these at this size.
R.heliosa and E.occulta. Have lots of heliosas, but the bloody labels faded over winter so will sell them minus field numbers, which is frustrating.
Coryphantha retusa Lau. Only seven of these, will be raised for seed stock.
Gymno obductum, my favourite
Lophs. Like little turnips.
Various - Frailea grahliana, R. heliosa, G. monvillei, G. saglionis. Also horribly overcrowded notocacti in that 6cm pot.
Too much to mention in this photo - turbs, gymnos, echinocereus, thelocacti, acanthocalycium etc.
Nice mamm microthele
F. castanea. Small, but actually growing surprisingly quickly. I've found they really like being in very shallow trays. I lose them in deeper pots.
G. baldianum. I sowed the contents of one seedpod and now have far too many!
Frailea grahliana, freshly rehoused.
Mamm perbella. badly in need of repotting.
On the subject of repotting..... Asto. cap. aureum. and a mamm which I forget.
Have trimmed back the trees and built one of the two new benches for the middle of the 'tunnel too.

More photos to follow soon!
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Re: New polytunnel

Post by juster » Sat Jun 30, 2018 12:47 pm

All looking very good. Let us know when the website is live.
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Re: New polytunnel

Post by Conrad » Sat Jul 07, 2018 6:56 pm

Sweltering day in the tunnel today, built a new bench, a second one to follow soon. Repotted a hundred or so Stenocacti, turbs and mamms under my sunshade before wilting in the heat.
Another 3000 6cm pots on the way.... getting there slowly! :grin:
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